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Simultaneous Policy

Simpol in Brief

Simpol is short for "Simultaneous Policy."

If you want your vote to really make a difference to the way the world is governed, you should adopt SP. You can help make New Zealand become the first country in the world in which the majority of elected MPs are pledged to implement Simultaneous Policy measures, once sufficient other nations have achieved the same position.

Simultaneous Policy (SP) measures are designed to be implemented by multiple national governments at exactly the same time. In this way, no one nation is put at a competitive disadvantage against the others.

These harmonized policies are those of which humankind, as a whole, is in desperate need. They can relate to climate change, resource sharing, arms reduction, controls over multinational corporations and any of the many other areas, in which no single government can risk introducing the necessary reforms for fear of being taken advantage of by competing nations.

Simpol is a participatory international movement, which is urgently working to develop the democratic mechanism by which these cooperative, non-competitive policies can be formulated and, most importantly, the mechanics of cooperation between national parliaments that will enable these measures to be implemented.

Any individual who Adopts SP (and "Adoption" is free) is entitled to advance their own, or a favoured institution's, proposed policies for consideration by all other Adopters around the globe.

Citizens who "adopt" the Simpol system, are asked to vote in preference for parliamentary candidates, who have pledged to implement Simultaneous Policy measures once there exist sufficient SP pledged members of sufficient other national parliaments to ensure effective international implementation. In the UK, after only one General Election, there are already 27 Members of Parliament (and counting) from across the political spectrum, who have accepted this pledge.

Small numbers of swing voters, who have adopted the Simpol voting system, can exert huge leverage on election results.

It is the inadequacy of the competitive global governance system that is behind humanity's current problems of climate change, unsustainable resource utilization, poverty, armed conflict, etc. Simpol represents the best hope of putting it right. At this early stage of the movement, each new Simpol Adopter is worth more to the chances of our survival than the planting of a thousand trees!

Sign up. Write to your MP. Write to electoral candidates or your political party of choice. Make your vote really count. You can become an SP Adopter directly from this site.
The Simultaneous Policy - Bridging the Gap Between Global Problems and Global Solutions